DIY Cream Base


All-in-one cream base (8oz) for making your own fresh cream at home.

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The Supremely Soft DIY cream base is a one-marvel formula for making fresh face and hands cream at home. You basically just add water! It comes in both 8oz and 4oz packaging, so you can make a little more or a little less. Feel free to share all you make or just prep what you use in one time. Whichever works best for you! The 8oz is enough to keep making fresh face and hands cream for up to 6 months. The smaller 4oz will keep you going for only about half that time.

You can use this DIY cream base with just about any water-based mix that you want to pamper your skin with. You may use aloe, rose, or lavender water. After all, you can simply use any fresh fruit juice you like! If you go this route and decide to use fruit juice, make only small amounts for one-time applications. That’s because fruit juice creams are so fresh and nourishing for your skin that they are just as yummy for germs, so they will not last long. Use them or lose them!

As a matter of fact, you will be getting newly squeezed antioxidants and nutrients that simply can’t get faster to your skin in any other way. This DIY cream base will allow you to create for your skin what nobody else can! You’ll be hooked, guaranteed.

For a how-to tutorial, click here. You may also want to consider our DIY one-time trial kit to see whether this product is right for you.

INGREDIENTS: almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cetyl palmitate, argan oil, vitamin E, and lecithin. Net Wt. 8oz (210g) or 4oz (105g). All rights reserved. ROAKETIN Inc., Oneonta, NY 13820.

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8oz (210g), 4oz (105g)