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Our gifts for her are skin nourishing products made with carefully selected natural ingredients. Surprise her with radiant joy! These outstandingly nourishing skin products are vitamin-enhanced and made with natural ingredients.

1 Face and Hands B-Happy Lotion | 0.5oz airless pump | grapefruit scent

1 Lip Balm Blessed | 0.15oz tube | calendula & chamomile scent

1 Foot Balm Blessed | 1.0oz jar | ylang-ylang scent

1 Facial Toner | 0.3oz mister | vitamin-enhanced Damascus rose water

Handmade | Small Batch | Cold Process | Raw Ingredients | Preservative-Free

All the gifts for her come in a festive wrap with an elegant white rose accent.

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This gift set for her contains four outstandingly nourishing skin products that are all vitamin-enhanced and handmade with natural ingredients. Surprise her with radiant joy!

Vitamin B12 gives a beautiful rose color to the cream and the facial toner. That’s a vitamin that carries in its core a beautifully rose cobalt atom. The geometry of this molecule makes it essential to life, being a crucial player for all energy-carrying channels: metabolism, oxygen transport, and mind.

The massage foot balm formula is designed for dry feet and melts on the touch. Its smooth skin-gliding formula will absorb very slowly. After all, the whole purpose of a good massage foot balm is to enable a continuous relaxing massage! Right? Her feet will not get dry in the middle of your foot massage. They will not get sticky either! She may choose to wear socks afterward and leave them on that night for enhanced foot softness. Alternatively, just use a warm towel and wipe off the excess foot balm. Either is fine! All in all, the cold season settles in. Plan for that crackling wood-burning sound and a romantic foot massage beside the fireplace.

The gift set for her contains one face and hands B-Happy Cream in a 0.5oz airless pump, one regular-size Lip Balm, one 1ozĀ Foot Balm, and one Facial Toner in a 0.3oz mister. The products are all handmade in small batches with natural ingredients. We are using a cold process to protect all raw ingredients that are temperature-sensitive. Check out the links to find out more about each of the ingredients used!

All the gifts for her come in a festive wrap with an elegant white rose accent.

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