The B-HAPPY vitamin enhanced cream is handmade using a unique cold process that preserves all the carefully selected ingredients. No preservatives or artificial colors are used. The airless pump allows easy use without touching the inside content, thus preventing the germs’ access into the main container. Our recipe uses carefully selected, pure, and natural ingredients. 

The beautiful rose color of this cream is given by Vitamin B12, a molecule that carries one amazing and beautifully rose cobalt atom. The geometry of this molecule makes it essential to life, being a crucial player for all energy-carrying channels: metabolism, oxygen transport, and mind. The softness of this product is incredible and so is its hydration ability. 

Handmade and 100% natural. Our BLESSED lip balm formula was created for unparalleled softness and offers the highest antioxidant and argan oil content.

The foot balm BLESSED is handmade and 100% natural. It melts on touch for the most relaxing foot massage!