The Lecithin Marvel

Soybean pods with edamame and granulated soy lecithin

Honestly, there is ONE single natural emulsifier that can hold enough water to make a stable moisturizing cream: lecithin. Its fresh properties are luxuriant for health! It increases skin elasticity, transports water deeply into the tissues and prevents cholesterol deposit formation. Beyond the skin, lecithin improves memory and contributes to a healthy nervous system. Lecithin is not one molecule, it’s an army of numerous substances: phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, several inositol phosphatides, glycoconjugates, glycolipids, and a ton of other phospholipids of all the shapes and kinds. This crazily heterogenous structure allows lecithin to enhance cells’ fluidity and versatility in adaptation. This prevents aging in any cell!

So, what would then stop the cosmetic industry from using lecithin in all their products? Well…, lecithin is nearly impossible to harness! Controlling just the right conditions to preserve the properties of each of the 100 different types of molecules it contains is virtually impossible with the current methods used by the industry. The general cream making process involves a hot boiling step. That step alone destroys over 90% of the original lecithin composite properties! The general (barbaric!) mix of the oil and water parts involves pneumatic or blade blenders – a process that literally breaks down the long fatty chains of the essential molecules responsible for the smoothness and fluidity of the cells’ membranes. The result is terrible and that is why cosmetics’ makers use synthetic emulsifiers and stabilizers in nearly all their products. The problem is that these artificial chemicals do not help your cells, they intoxicate them! It’s pretty much like having to eat the plastic cup that served you a poor-quality coffee.  

Cream making with lecithin is an Art. Harnessing it as sole and crude emulsifier requires a method that ensures all the properties of its composite remain unchanged. That method is unique in this Universe! It’s the secret behind the smoothness you experience when using a Supremely Soft product.